Good clean fun?


That’s what we aim for at Falmouth Surf School. Surfing is so enjoyable and satisfying in part to being so close to our natural environment and in such beautiful surroundings. Keeping it this way is one of our priorities and we hope that after a surfing experience with us, you will feel as strongly about keeping our wonderful country clean and green.

We aim to leave no trace of our visit when we leave the beach and always strive to use good environmental practices wherever we can.

We can all contribute to preserving the natural environment on a large scale by using less energy and water, recycling and buying ecologically sound products etc. It is also crucial that we keep the local environment as clean and pollution-free as possible because a tiny amount of effort from each person can make a massive difference.

If surfing on clean, sandy Atlantic beaches doesn’t inspire you to actively conserve our earth, then a better planet for our children’s generation surely will!

For more information on all coastal environmental issues and how to do your part visit the ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ website